The 5 Team Dysfunctions


Far beyond just having good products or services, the success of an organization lies within the skills of its personnel and its ability to mobilize them to work together toward a common goal. The truth is that teams do not arise by chance. They are designed, planned and trained by integrating, arranging and mobilizing people’s diverse skills and personalities to work collaboratively toward a common goal. Integrated and engaged teams generate customer value, innovation, agile problem solving, and are more efficient at fostering an environment with less stress and tension. Your participation in this workshop will enable you to:


  • Understand the difference between working groups and teams;

  • Assimilate team myths

  • Discuss the 5 team dysfunctions

  • Discover your profile in a team setting











Who Should Attend?

Leaders, managers, supervisors, coordinators, teachers and coaches.



  • Single Session: 4hs on Sat



  • Early Bird Discount $ 40

  • Regular Registration $ 50

  • Group Registration $ 30 (parties of 5 or more, price is per person in group)



Date & Location

Pending. You can apply and we'll contact you for the next available schedule.