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If I could only change others!

February 13, 2016

Ever tried really hard to change somebody else? How was it?

I'm frequently asked by people "How can I change my... Husband, Wife, Dad, Boss, Employees..." and the list goes on. It is just so frustrating when people don't act in the way there suppose to, or a least was how I would expect them to.


Everybody is looking for change in some sense, but few are willing to change. After all why should I change, if the problems are always with other? Let them change!


It's just easier to think that other people are world's problems. Other people smoke at the train or inside a closed elevator without bothering with the wellbeing of others. Other people don't know how to vote or elect the best candidate. Other people drive as if they own the street. Have you ever heard of a car accident that was not caused by others? But after all who are those we call other?


There is a tough but an important lesson we can all benefit from: There is only on person in this world I can change and guess who it is. Say it: ME!

Those who live their lives trying to change others are wasting their God giving potential to grow, to develop, to bring the change!


 As a Coach you can help your clients  find solutions within, rather them investing time trying to fix others. Here are some good powerful questions to challenge learning:


- What are you trying to change that you don't have control of?

- What would happen if instead of changing others, you changed?

- Are you open to experiencing something outside your comfort zone every day?


True change is better called as a transformational process that comes from the inside to the outside and not the other way around. Small inner transformation can bring out huge changes.

If we're not happy with the way things are moving today, maybe its time to change. But remember, we can´t push out change in others. Choose a better way, the self-responsibility way. Take responsibility for your health, your marriage, your career, your money, your relationships, your spiritual life. BE THE CHANGE!


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