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Why do you exist?

C4C's coaching process encompasses world-class recognized methodologies, proven and tested with extraordinary results!
Our coaching sessions are 90 minutes long and follow a highly focused and productive session script without loosing coaching flexibility, combining an inquisitive and thoughtful process with different tools and powerful emotional exercises.
Our coaches follow a pre-defined cycle that allows a constructive and transformative process perceived as early as the initial sessions.
You can choose the 5 session or 10 session package (recommended).
Our work counts with your absolute satisfaction and guarantees you the right to interrupt the process at your convenience.

Coaching Expertise

Focused on breakthroughs at your life style and life areas (health, family, marriage, children, work, finances, etc.) Walk through a three stage cycle: Know - See - Feel for a powerful a fast speed change process.
Ideal for leaders who wish to expand the performance and results of their team by developing themselves as an inspiring leader.
It is an intense process of self-discovery for those seeking growth or career transition, aligned with their professional design, talents, interests and values. This model of coaching emphasizes your unique qualities (virtues) and develops a plan for growth and development around them.


Take private and confidential sessions through video calls from anywhere you are.

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF):

  • 99% of people are satisfied with their overall coaching experience;

  • 96% would go through coaching again if they were in the same circumstance that led them to look for this service in the beginning;

  • 70% say they have improved their professional performance;

  • 80% say they have improved their sense of self-confidence;

  • 86% of companies say coaching, at minimum, matched their investment.