MyLife Workshop


MyLife Workshop (MLW) is a self-discovery and unpacking experience devoted to mapping the imbalances in your present life state, designing a life-fulfilling vision for your future, and creating a step-by-step Massive Action Plan to speed the changes you long for. This has been a transformational experience for many people who have participated, helping them become unstuck and positioned for a new Life. Your participation in this workshop will enable you to:


  • Become more aware of present life state imbalances;

  • Understand how life events have shaped you through the years;

  • Learn how self-responsibility and commitment can positively change your life;

  • Design a new life reality based on values and purpose on your own terms;

  • Build a Massive Action Plan for change.



Who Should Attend?

MLW is a great opportunity for anyone who feels stuck, confused or coming up short in life. People who want more from their personal or professional life, but are really not so sure how to get there, will benefit greatly.​



  • Session 1: 2hs on Tue

  • Session 2: 2hs on Thu



  • Early Bird Discount $ 40

  • Regular Registration $ 50

  • Group Registration $ 30 (parties of 5 or more, price is per person in group)



Date & Location

Boerne, Tx | March 19, 2016 - 8:30am-12:30pm