Avoiding Ethical Blindness Pitfalls


Do only bad people make bad decisions? In such a complex and heterogeneous world distinguishing right from wrong can at times be difficult. And oftentimes the outcomes of our decisions will not only affect ourselves, but will impact many other folks, especially when we are in leadership positions. In this program we discuss how narrow frames and strong contexts can push good people to make unethical decisions, and we will find out how we can protect ourselves and our organization against such dark forces. Your participation in this workshop will enable you to:


  • Better grasp why and under which conditions good people make bad ethical decisions;

  • Understand how you can better protect yourself and your organization from the potentially overwhelming power of the context;

  • Assess the risk of ethical blindness in your own organizational context;

  • Design intervention measures to reduce such risks for yourself as well as your organization.


Who should attend?

IThis workshop is geared toward organizational leaders and decision makers who deal with strong contexts and narrow frames on a daily basis.



  • Session 1: 2hs on Tue

  • Session 2: 2hs on Thu



  • Early Bird Discount $ 40

  • Regular Registration $ 50

  • Group Registration $ 30 (parties of 5 or more, price is per person in group)



Date & Location

To be determined. You may apply we will contact you with the next available schedule.