Early Adopters (EAD)


Thank you for taking this next step with us.


I wanted it to say how much I appreciate your partnership and your will to share this innovative step on the future of Coaching. I definatly acknowledge that it is easy to recognize the change after it happen, few are willing to step-up when it's just a trend. 


Let me give you some details regarding your commitment and ours and how we will stay ahead.


How do you get started?

It's easy! Just have to fill an on-line form available when you click on "Start Application". Once you submit your application you can active your EAD status taking your Paypal first month payment. 


EAD Period

We are commited to a launching time-line of 6 months and the clock starts ticking in March 1st 2016. So you'll have Coaching Software in-hand at September 2016. This way we considered as an EAD every adopter from March through August 2016. The earlier you start the larger benefits you'll get.


Unique Privileges: You got lot's to be excited about

As an EAD for C4C Coaching Software you'll have major privileges!

The earlier you start as a EAD the higher benefit we'll get. For each monthly payment as an EAD you will get 5% OFF the price market for LIFE. So doing the math this will give you, in 6 months, a full 30% OFF for Life.

As an EAD you'll never have any readjustments, including all future bonuses and improvements the tool we'll have. Additionally as the first 20 EAD you can win one of the 3 lucky 100% OFF for Life. So rush up and join in.


IT GETS BETTER: If you opt for a 6 months single payment you will get the full  30% discount and pay the equivalent of 5 months.


We Value your feedback

As an EAD you are invited to take an active part during the development and testeting stages. As a VIP Memebr you can really influence on how the version 1 of C4C Coaching Software will be like.


Take your coaching business and initiatives to a next level.

Start your application today accumulte Life Lasting Discounts!