Coaching Experience Seminar


Commence the breakthrough! Create a life that is filled with passion, achievement and reward. Coaching Experience is a self-improvement and personal growth Seminar. During 16 hours over 3 days you will...


  • KNOW what influences you and drives you forward.

  • SEE a broader and inspirational vision for your life

  • FEEL empowered through lasting emotional fuel.


What will you experience during the Seminar?

  • Coaching Basics

  • Discovery Stage: Self-Mapping and Inventory

  • Direction Stage: Inspiring Vison and Mindful Goal Setting process

  • Possibility Stage: Massive Action Plan & Strategies

  • Reality Stage: Build new realities through new resources

  • Emotional Stage: Release the emotional fuel for Breakthroughs



  • Early Bird Discount $ 400 (until May 15)

  • Regular Registration $ 500

  • Group Registration $ 350 (parties of 5 or more, price is per person in group)


* Does not include Saturday lunch.


Date & Location

June 09, - 10 (6:00pm - 10:00pm); June 11,2016 (8:30am-5:30pm)

Boerne, Tx